About Me...

My name is Brooke Alexa Best, I am twenty-six years of age, and I am an actress!
I discovered my passion for stage and film acting through my first chosen creative outlet: DANCE. I have been dancing since I was grown enough to take my first steps. The dance environment has provided me with invaluable training that has molded me into the hard-working professional that I am today. In 2012, my home dance studio also began offering acting and vocal classes, and that was it! The start of it all.

      When I started at Pace University in the summer of '16, I was finally able to experience the very real world of acting, dancing, and singing. From Broadway stage plays and musicals, to the Radio City Rockettes and so much more, my head and heart knew this was the world I needed to be a part of. In 2017, I returned home to California to accept a full-time teaching position at Thrive Dance Center. Since then, I have been teaching kids in all styles of dance, including musical theater, acting and voice classes. In the fall of 2019, I started at New York Film Academy in their acting for film program, and had the opportunity to learn from so many amazing instructors. I got my first paying job that same year, and have been a working actress ever since. There is just the faintest irony in that, however, considering a global pandemic was creeping up into the following year.

        In the fall of 2022, I joined the Theatre 68 Company in NoHo. This is where I finally had the space to be honest with myself on how I chose to approach material, as well as getting comfortable with other working actors. I felt myself grow into my adult acting skin throughout the months I spent in the company, and I owe it all to my supportive mentors. Currently, I am working hard every day to find the right representation, book more roles and get my foot through Hollywood's stubborn door. Full speed ahead!